Food for thought

What if you suck at your hobbies?

Are you supposed to be good at your hobbies? What do you do if you suck at them? Do you still continue?
This is something on my mind this morning. As someone with adhd and other mental ailments I feel the need to occupy my mind with a lot of hobbies. I’m okay at some of them but I’m very very bad at others and it frustrates me. At what point do I stop trying?
I had a much needed talk with my 6 year old about this and my dad instinct kicked in, “keep trying” I said. Failure is not an excuse for giving up things that make us happy. It’s okay to take a step back and reevaluate but the true test is to keep trying. I needed to take a dose of my own medicine because I got annoyed with myself for saying I was going to give up.
Life is so incredibly difficult and it gets boring just doing what society tells us to. I obviously want to be the best at everything I do but that’s not a realistic expectation day after day. I need a breather and to shake off the yuck of failure.

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