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Back to keto, with some tweaks

I don’t care how much muscle I put on due to adding carbs to my diet but I am tired of not losing weight. So a couple weeks ago I went back to keto eating and I have since dropped SEVEN POUNDS of (i’m assuming water) weight.

Now the cons…

My workouts are EXHAUSTING and recovery is slow, however I have increased my lifts recently.

So my routines have changed a bit, I’ve found a happy middle ground, and don’t give me any talk about ketosis because I do not care. Currently Monday-Fridays look like this: coffee, casein protein shake, workout*, whey protein shake, protein heavy meal with veggies, casein protein shake before bed.

*I do not workout 5x a week but 3x is my average. The 2 “off days” I usually stay active with my son.

My weekends I would describe as “mindful indulgence,” meaning I still consume 2-3 protein shakes each day and may or may not eat keto and again, I stay active with my son.

I’m hoping that the non-keto portions of my diet on the weekends fuel my early week workouts while transitioning back to keto starting mondays.

Time will tell, but I thought I looked cute enough to take selfies last week so I’m doing something right!

To be continued…


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You’re doing so great! You have a good routine going and you’re giving me tons of motivation and inspiration to keep going on the journey!
Keep up the amazing work!

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