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Mental health updates

Oooh, what a cryptic headline! What could he mean? Who is he now? What has changed?

Not much, I’m just happy. I have the Lord to thank, my son, my friends, ashwaganda vitamins, a consistent gym routine, a supportive group chat where I can vent my mental health frustrations to, proper diet.

I don’t have an upset tummy anymore! That was a near-daily thing when I was eating higher carb, and constant heartburn, ugh. So as I said in my other recent blog post I am back on a mostly keto routine. I’d say 80% of my diet is keto, just super high protein with moderate fat (i’m not eating disgustingly high amounts like proper keto).

My lifts are fantastic, I’m up to 45 pound bicep curls, 65 pound overhead shoulder press, 185 pound on the rowing machine, 75 pound trap lifts, just glorious stuff. Someone recently told me that I look like I workout. Thank God I’m not JUST fat and people notice my muscle so I’m doing something right.

Onto gardening, I’m back after a 2 year hiatus. To be honest I am not sure their names but I have these deep purple flowers and these cascading white flowers, in addition to a serrano plant because I’m craving spice bad. As i’ve said in all my gardening posts, I’m reminded of the spirituality aspect of my existence when I garden. I am growing, I am blooming, I am “producing fruit” to use an old churchy term. Pretty soon i’ll be able to “reap what I sow” and eat some yummy chiles.

Now onto my latest fixation, fishing, as my son and I have gotten blanked 6 times now. However, it is becoming a teaching moment that I will never give up until I catch some fish. I have also mentioned my faith aspect of hope and knowing a fish will be on the hook soon, I look forward to that day. I look forward to seeing my son be proud of his dad for believing.

We have been so focused on fishing that we have been watching youtube videos together on how to target certain fish and right now we are targeting crappie. Last month he told me he wants to catch both largemouth and smallmouth bass.

Here’s to fishin


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