Food for thought

Slippery slope

Oftentimes this phrase is used to indicate a negative thing but I am thinking positively about dieting and exercise. Roughly a year and a half ago I stopped strict keto for a few reasons, one of those being my fatigue levels in my workouts were high. Fast forward to now, I am hitting a groove of high protein, semi high carb, low fat, with the emphasis on calorie deficit. It’s taken some time for me get into a routine considering my mental struggles but as of this morning I am 15 pounds down from last year.

Having a routine is a safety measure for me, because being a dad, and an employee, and all the things that make up my adult life can alter my schedule. I started eating one meal per day and prioritizing protein shakes throughout the morning and afternoon and then cooking a healthy meal for my son and I in the evening. The slippery slope of it all is that I get on a roll of good eating and exercise and I lose weight and that motivates me to keep it rolling. One of my easy meals is tacos, I will fry up some ground turkey or beef with some onions, garlic, and tomatoes and then add that to corn tortillas with some lettuce and jalapenos and condiments. The whole meal takes only 30 minutes to prepare and it fuels my body well for my lifting routine, aka, i have stamina at the gym.

I remember a couple years ago when i hovered around 300 pounds, I felt so strong and athletic and from an outsiders point of view, 300 pounds is fat and lethargic and gross but I don’t view myself that way. Of course I’m fat lol but the whole goal is to be less fat and be very strong! Ya know, use my weight to my advantage. I felt my strongest anywhere from 295-305 pounds and I’m well on my way back to that point. Of course i’m ashamed of gaining some weight back but my mental health is better now and I still have my beautiful personality to rely on 🙂



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