Food for thought

Revisiting intermittent fasting

What a goofy ass title, it was cumbersome to type but why change it? Is it not accurate? Am I not quaint? I digress…

AS the title suggests, I am back on intermittent fasting, this is in addition to my post about keto here Well do you want pros and cons?

Pros: awesome at shedding weight quicker, I think about food less often.

Cons: I’m HANGRY, like, i’m irritable by 3pm. My target is a 16:8 and i’ve been placing my eating window from 2p-10p. My workouts often are laggy, I lack strength if I delay my workout until later in the day.

Keto/low carb, fasting, mindful indulgent cheats. Now if I can only get my hydration right….



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